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School Skill Tips Gold Award Project by Alexa Moss

Alexa’s project tackled the challenge of students lacking essential skills for academic success, exacerbated by the pandemic. To address this, she crafted a curriculum centered on healthy habits, incorporating academic and social-emotional topics via video modules. Her program serves as a resource for students to cultivate motivation, combat procrastination, and hone fundamental study skills. The curriculum is now integrated into her school's educational framework through a lasting partnership with the National Honor Society.

Here's what Alexa has to say about her Gold Award experience:

My Gold Award project is a series of presentations focused on study, motivation, and time management skills. I choose my project because after returning to the classroom from Covid-19, many of my classmates admitted they no longer knew how to study or manage their time because online learning offered them an easy avenue to cheat and not be held accountable for how they spent their time. Furthermore, these same classmates realized they lacked the focus and motivation to overcome challenges.

Therefore, I believed compiling tips and tools for students would help them transition back into the in-person classroom and be successful students; ideally, they would also be able to apply these skills to their overall lives.

Completing my Gold Award project enabled me to feel accomplished because I was able to tackle many hurdles and earn the most prestigious Girl Scouts Award. I also felt proud I was able to provide students information and resources to help them be successful.

Overall, for me, being a Girl Scout means exploring various skill sets and topics to broaden one’s horizons while servicing the community through these explorations.


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pricots sistera
5 days ago

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Thank you for sharing your journey. Your project will undoubtedly inspire others to pursue their goals and contribute positively to their communities. Bravo, Alexa! tunnel rush

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