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More Camp Fun – in just 3 Days

Our first 3-day session of the season was packed full of fun with the theme of “Best 3-Day Camp Ever!”  Cabins brainstormed the first night to come up with creative names based on the theme, and at campfire we welcomed: “Pinky the Chihuahua” “The Shooting Stars”  “The Unbustables” “Isabella’s Biggest Fans” “The Milkyway-inators” “The Fireside Girls” and “The Platypi”.

The days were filled with fun at “Major Monogram’s Designs” (arts & crafts), “Doofenshmirtz Goes Good” (nature & science), “Ferb & the Ferbettes” (dance & drama), “Isabella and the Fireside Girls Team Time” (climb wall or team building), “Take Aim with Phineas” (archery), “Perry Goes Back to Nature” (a hike), and “Candance & Stacy Time” (unit/quiet time).  Even s’mores were enjoyed with the “Original Girl Scout-inator” – watching “The Golden Eaglet” – a 1918 film about Girl Scouts. The camp session wrapped up with an all camp “Roller Coaster & Inator Invention Hour” where each unit created quite the creative contraptions and then showed them off to everyone.

Thanks to all the families, campers, staff and volunteers for supporting the “Best 3-Day Camp Ever!” July 14-16 at Magic Sky Ranch. 



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