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Minutes – Outdoor Property Evaluation Task Force September 2013 Meetings

This committee had many summer scheduling issues and joined to meet twice in September. These are notes from the past two meetings. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who help out on this committee.


The Outdoor Property Evaluation Task Force met to discuss the selection of additional volunteers to the Task Force, recommend a Task Force Charter to the Board, and complete an initial review of the Outdoor Property Evaluation Plan.

Volunteers selected to join the Task Force included Katie Blair and Sarah Braught.  Members also approved a draft Charter for board review and approval and provided feedback on the initial draft of the Outdoor Property Evaluation Plan.


  1. The Task Force discussed feedback from the Board of Directors (BOD).

  2. The Task Force Charter from the Board that was approved by the Board (posted to the Properties page of the GSCO website)

  3. The BOD requested a formal communications plan, documenting how the evaluation process will be communicated to our constituents.

  4. The Task Force discussed appointing interested volunteers to serve as Key Consultants for the evaluation process.  To date, those individuals include:

  5. Nicole Jones – Communications Strategy & Coordination

  6. Anna Beucler – Outdoor Program Advisory Board Liaison

  7. Penny Roberts – MMR

  8. Siobhan Murtha – Kiwa Korral

  9. Debbie Wiggins – Kiwa Korral

  10. Jill Marostica – Lazy Acres

Additional property specific Key Consultant positions remain available to interested volunteers.

  1. The Task Force finalized the Outdoor Property Evaluation Plan (posted to the Properties page of the GSCO website)

  2. The Task Force reviewed some preliminary data received to date on each property.

  3. The Task Force discussed site visits to each property and a site visit evaluation tool.  Staff representative Betsy Till agreed to finalize dates for a tour of the properties, as well as the evaluation tool.  The Task Force agreed to hold its next meeting after the first round of property visits, date TBD.

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