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“Me and My Guy” is by far the most cherished weekend my daughter and I share

Submitted by Orin Levy

“Me and My Guy” is by far the most cherished weekend my daughter and I share all year!  It is direct one-on-one time where there are no distractions and nothing else to do but enjoy each other’s company.  We’ve come to Lazy Acres and “Me and My Guy” camp for five straight years starting the very first year my daughter was old enough. We plan on returning every year until she ages out and even then, we’ll beg to come back as volunteers. The counselors for the weekend, Nerd and Purple, are two of the most dedicated and special people I know! They genuinely enjoy being there and that enthusiasm is both infectious and truly part of what makes the “Me and My Guy” program so incredibly special each and every year.  I keep a pretty busy schedule including a fair amount of travel during the year. But, this is the one weekend I have made a solemn promise that nothing will break, that no matter where in the world, quite literally, I find myself I WILL make it home for this weekend!  If I can offer one final encouragement to the men in their daughter’s lives it’s that we matter more than you can possibly realize to your daughters. This is a special time in your child’s life that she will always remember that you cared enough about her to put aside whatever was going on in your life to make her and her alone the most important thing in your life.

*** “Me and My Guy” at Lazy Acres is July 17-19, 2015. The Girl Scout summer camp schedule is now live on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website Register online starting Jan. 13 at 9 a.m. Register early. Some sessions fill in just a few hours.



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