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Loveland troop supports therapy dogs with their Bronze Award

A group of Junior Girl Scouts and their troop leaders post with a volunteer and dog

Last fall, Troop 77850 was challenged to find a Bronze Award project that would be helpful to sick patients and work with animals.

We found an organization, Human-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC), that was willing to help and mentor us in providing a method of animal relaxation for dogs, called snuffle mats.  Snuffle mats are a great way for dogs to decompress between patients at the hospital.

Members of Troop 77850 teach younger Girl Scouts to make snuffle mats

The girls worked tirelessly to learn how to create the mats and teach and share their knowledge with the service unit's 24 Daisies. 8400 ties later, they created more than 42 snuffle mats for the volunteers at HABIC.

The girls were invited to HABIC's volunteer appreciation ceremony at the end of the year and taught the other volunteers there to make snuffle mats as well!

A stack of snuffle mats in front of a wall with the HABIC logo



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