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Listen now – Meet an Expert, Special Edition: Women in Government

Girl Scouts of Colorado thanks our exceptional panel of women for participating in the “Meet an Expert, Special Edition: Women in Denver City Government” webinars on October 14 and 22, 2020. More than 60 Girl Scouts from across Colorado and beyond (Texas, Washington, New York, and more!) participated in these special sessions. Missed them? Watch the recordings linked below.

Our panelists for these webinars included:

  1. Denver City Council President Stacie Gilmore

  2. Presiding Denver County Court Judge Theresa Spahn

  3. Executive Director of the Office of Children’s Affairs Dionne Williams

  4. Deputy Police Chief Barb Archer

  5. Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor Erin Brown

Each panelist introduced herself and spoke to Girl Scouts about her background, education, and path to her current role. After introductions, our panelists answered questions submitted directly by Girl Scouts in advance and live. Some of the questions they answered were:

  1. What can girls do now if they want to work in government someday?

  2. Did you go to college? If so, what did you study in order to get your job?

  3. Did you always know you wanted a career in government?

  4. What does it feel like to represent and protect so many people doing your job?

  5. What is the best part about being a part of city government?

  6. What is it like to be a female in government?

  7. What was your biggest challenge to get into the position you’re in now?

Participating in this webinar fulfills Step Two of the NEW democracy badges for all levels, find out about state government (

Girl Scouts who participated in the live session or listen to the recording can purchase their “Meet an Expert” patch online:

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