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LBB supply challenge to delay direct-shipped cookies in Colorado

Girl Scouts of Colorado was notified in late November by our baker, Little Brownie Bakers, that they are experiencing supply chain issues and workforce disruptions that will impact our shipped cookies during the upcoming cookie season. We have been assured there is no impact to our in-person cookie sales.

Digital Cookie will be open for girls to take girl-delivered and donation pre-orders beginning Jan. 12. However, the option to select and pay for cookies to be shipped will not open until Feb. 27. Girl Scouts of Colorado’s cookies-in-hand portion of the program (booths and door-to-door) runs from Feb. 5 through March 12.

While this delay in direct shipped cookies is unfortunate, we’ve received assurances from LBB that this will not impact our in-state inventory. Girl Scouts can focus on selling in person Feb. 5-26 and then add in the opti

on for shipped cookie orders Feb. 27-March 12, including the new Raspberry Rally shipped-on

ly cookie. Direct-shipped cookies accounted for 6% of total sales last year so we do not expect a large impact council-wide.

We are working with Girl Scouts of the USA to provide our troops and girls with cookie resources and marketing support to help customers understand the issue.

We are looking forward to the start of the 2023 Cookie Season and are excited to see our Girl Scouts showcase their entrepreneurial skills. We can all work together to remind all cookie customers that the proceeds stay local and are critical to fund our troops’ activities throughout the year.

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I'm looking forward to 2024 Cookie Season! When will it start? geometry dash

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