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Keeping older Girl Scouts engaged: Tips and Tricks

There are so many things competing for girls’ attention and keeping older girls excited about Girl Scouts can be a challenge! Denine Dains of Westminster in the Metro Denver regions leads a troop of Seniors and Ambassadors, many of whom have been together since Daisies and Brownies. She offers this advice for keeping older girls engaged in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

  1. Have the girls create a plan for the upcoming Girl Scout year. Invite caregivers to a meeting and have the girls present their ideas. This helps not only a girl to be engaged in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, but the entire family as well. Once caregivers and siblings know what their girl wants out of Girl Scouts, they can support her in her journey!

  2. Determine a troop goal, such as a big trip. While the goal may seem lofty at first, break it down into pieces or years. For example, “This year, our troop will earn/save specified dollar amount to put towards goal. Next year, we will earn/save…”

  3. Participate in leadership opportunities. Earn one of Girl Scouts’ Highest awards or the Leader in Action (LIA) Award, complete PA Training, host a day camp, etc. The more girls take the lead, the more likely they are to stay in Girl Scouts.

Do you have any tips, tricks, “life hacks,” etc. to share? We would love to hear them! Just email GSCO Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at



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