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Join the MCC at Leadership Summits in the fall

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Membership Connection Committee (MCC) would like to wish each and every Girl Scout volunteer a happy summer break – maybe the summer brings a chance to recharge your troop leader battery by hanging out at the pool or doing a few fun activities. Or, maybe this is the year for the big camping trip or European adventure. No matter your journey, enjoy it!

When it’s time to return to troop in the fall, please join the MCC at a Leadership Summit or Super Saturday Training. Leadership Summits provide a fantastic opportunity for newer volunteers to learn the ropes from more experienced volunteers. Or, if you’ve been a volunteer for a while, plan to come to share your knowledge with others and get some new ideas. It’s all about networking… Everyone kicks off the new year with the excitement gained by spending time with your peers whether you’ve been a volunteer for 10 years or 10 days!

The MCC will be at all Leadership Summits and select other training events to conduct Voices 2018 while surveying members on a range of topics designed to provide feedback to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Board of Directors and senior council leadership. Your feedback is valued and important, please plan to stop by and visit with us and express your opinion!

Interested in learning more?  Search the GSCO Blog for “MCC” or visit us online at  You can also contact the MCC Chair, Caroline Cornell at for additional information.



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