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In-Person Gatherings Guidelines: Update as of July 2020

Girl Scouts of Colorado is allowing in-person gatherings of troops and groups as long as they follow social distancing and safety guidelines. At this time, state guidelines allow groups of 10 to gather and maintain 6-feet of social distance between non-family members. COVID-19 has made different impacts in different locations. You may follow the current guidelines posted in your county, however gatherings should be limited to the size of one troop (no service unit in-person gatherings at this point). Please review this document with GSCO recommendations and links to county restrictions before planning your in-person activities. All minor and adult participants will need to have a COVID waiver on file with Girl Scouts of Colorado. We will continue to monitor local, state, and national guidelines, and re-evaluate our status every two weeks.

All GSCO property reservations are canceled through July 31. Refunds are being processed.

Note: These guidelines are in effect for all in-person Girl Scout gatherings, including those where girls might not be present. For more information about how Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to keep our community safe, visit our website.



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