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Highest Awards girls honored at Fort Collins celebration

About 100 people gathered on Friday evening in Fort Collins to the celebrate the achievements of some pretty impressive Girl Scouts.  The Northern and Northeastern Colorado Highest Awards Ceremony was planned by Girl Scouts Annie, Abby, Jessa and Katie.

Five girls in attendance were presented with the Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout in grades 9-12 can earn. Girls who have earned this award demonstrate extraordinary leadership through a project that makes a difference in their community. Several Bronze Award honorees (the highest award a girl in grades 4-5 can earn) and Silver Award honorees (the highest award a girl in 6th – 8th grade can earn) also were presented with their awards. during Friday’s ceremony.

Girl Scouts of Colorado President and CEO Stephanie Foote said the girls’ spirit and motivation inspires us all to think of the needs of others and take action to make the world a better place.

“You are strong role models for our community and our world,” she said.

Each of the Gold Award honorees spent a few minutes describing her project and how working toward Gold has impacted her life.

“I want to say to the younger Girl Scouts out there: Look at me, I’m in high school and I’m a Girl Scout and I’m proud of it,” said Samantha Preston. “If you are thinking about doing a Gold Award – do it, it will change your life!”

Samantha made kits for kids with Type 1 Diabetes for her project. She said her project allowed her to be a leader and take responsibility.

Highest Award celebrations are planned around the state. In addition to the Fort Collins event, celebrations are taking place in Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

View all the photos from the Fort Collins celebration here.



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