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Girl Scouts Week 2022 – March 6- 12

Girl Scouts Week 2022 – March 6- 12

Every year Girl Scouts around the world spend a week celebrating the start of Girl Scouts on March 12 with Girl Scouts Week! This is our 110th anniversary of when Juliette Gordon Low stood up for young girls everywhere and created a space where they could grow their courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place. Here at Girl Scouts of Colorado we have created themes for each day to help you celebrate.

Self-Care Sunday

Recharge yourself to get ready for this exciting week. Self-care is doing any activity that improves your mood and state of mind. We’ve come up with a couple suggestions, but do whatever feels good to you!

  1. Create a bath bomb, then take a soak –

  2. Make a happy place with five things that make you smile-

Mindfulness Monday

Be present in the moment. Mindfulness is all about clearing your mind and thoughts to just be in the moment. It doesn’t have to look like sitting quietly meditating, it can be done while walking, coloring, and even enjoying your favorite foods!

Together Tuesday

Celebrate your sisterhood of support and International Women’s Day! Show your support for Girl Scouts and your Girl Scout sisters by wearing green. Snap a picture of you wearing green with this pose to support International Women’s Day #BreaktheBias. Share on social media with the hashtag to show girls around the world that you support breaking gender biases.

Warrior Wednesday

Who has been that woman that has inspired you? Draw a picture or create a piece of artwork that celebrates how they are a warrior for you – even if they do not know it. Need some inspiration? Check out these couple stories of amazing warrior women.

Thankful Thursday

What are you thankful for? Take a moment to appreciate these things. This could be writing a letter to them or just saying thank you! Thankful for your pet or nature? You can tell them to! Think of a creative way to show them you care.

Fun Friday

One of the best things you can do for your mental wellbeing is to just HAVE FUN. Fun looks different with every single person. Try to have a “yes” day where you say “yes” to something you haven’t tried before.

Saturday – Girl Scouts 110th Anniversary

We’ve celebrated all week and now lets go out with the biggest celebration of them all! Get your Girl Scout family together and have a Girl Scout birthday party. Instead of bringing presents for the host, give back to the community! That could be a park clean up, food drive, or any other community service ideas you can dream up.

Earn the limited-edition patch and learn more about how you can create our future here:

Don’t forget to share with us how you are celebrating this week. Tag @gscolo or use #gsco , #girlscouts , #becauseofgirlscouts



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