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Girl Scouts of Colorado moves retail focus to online shops; most physical stores to close

Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) is moving the focus of retail merchandise sales to our online shop as we close all physical stores as of June 6, 2013, except for the corporate headquarters location. Our organization is working hard to reduce operational expenses so we can focus our resources on serving our membership.

 The volume of customer traffic and sales in the shops outside of our headquarters is low and the costs of staffing and maintaining inventory on the floor is high; so the best use of our resources is to provide merchandise online and improve our online services. We are excited to launch a new online store by June 15.

 GSCO will offer our customers great savings through a liquidation sale through June 6 at our shop locations in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction. In addition to an improved online shopping experience, GSCO pIans to offer mobile shops in each of these locations several times per year in conjunction with major events, etc.

In more savings for customers, during July 2013, we will offer free shipping on any phone orders placed through the corporate headquarters location. Please call 303-607-4837

in July to take advantage of this offer.

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