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Girl Scouts of Colorado announces findings from latest GSRI Pulse Poll

As the entire nation focuses on the policy ideas that will define our future, Girl Scouts of Colorado has released new data from a pulse poll of voting age Americans, which found that a vast majority of voters believe investing in girls’ education is the key to our country’s advancement. The poll, conducted in November, 2015, and sampling 1,693 registered adult voters, found that 81 percent of respondents believe that helping girls develop leadership skills should be a national priority.

Americans are especially concerned about ensuring girls develop confidence and skills in the fields that are defining the 21st century economy. This includes making sure girls receive hands on experience and career exposure to fields like financial literacy, business, and STEM. In fact, 95 percent of respondents said that young girls would benefit from real world, hands-on experience handling, spending and saving money, and 88 percent felt that America should be doing more to encourage girls to follow their interest in STEM in order to close a projected 3 million shortfall in American scientists in the next 30 years.

By a wide margin, Americans believe that girls would benefit most from government investments in non-profits and after-school activities that could bolster their academic gains in school. An 86 percent majority agreed that governments and non-profit organizations can work together to help girls sustain academic gains, and 76 percent said that nationwide investment in girl-specific educational after school programming should be a national priority. Another 93 percent believe America would benefit from having more after-school activities that provide a safe environment and help build healthy relationships and friendships – vital skills for future leaders.

Building the next generation of female leaders and ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century is a vital component of ensuring that America maintains is role as a world leader. The American people recognize the importance of investing in girls is crucially important. As policy questions about the future direction of our country take center stage throughout 2016, the American people clearly believes that girls and their potential should be a serious part of the conversation, and that Girl Scouts has an important role to play in helping girls shape their future.



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