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Girl Scouts Go Places

Over spring break, Troop 71 from Aurora, finally got to travel to New York City together! Our planning for travel started nearly two and a half years ago. We started the steps of travel by exploring the City of Denver with the Cadette Urban Orienteering Badge unique to GSCO (highly recommend). Then we tried originally go to Savannah, GA in 2020 as a practice trip for international travel, but we’re obviously interrupted by Covid. We put our plans on hold and refocused on maintaining our connection.

Once the option to safely travel opened again, we looked at our options. We decided to change locations and started planning what our adventure would look like in NYC. The girls met to discuss their priorities and budget. We worked on safety while traveling, packing tips, and preparing for the endurance of traveling.

A couple of highlights of our trip (besides all the amazing locations of NYC that come to mind) were getting to go to Girl Scout of USA Headquarters and sharing some time with sister troop 5250 from Staten Island.

While living through a pandemic is not the greatest, it also became a lesson in resilience and perseverance. Those skills helped us know that we can still accomplish anything even if there are roadblocks. It also helped with the couple of hiccups during our travel time, as we knew that we could be flexible. We learned we might not be able to control everything, but we could control our reactions. We could acknowledge that some things just happen and we can find the bright side. We know, no matter what, we can figure it out!

Now on to the next adventure!!!



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