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Girl Scouting at home: Encourage-MINTS, Accomplish-MINTS, and Excite-MINTS

Girl Scouts of Colorado Camp Staff encourages you and your family to share positive attributes about yourself and others as part of an activity called “Encourage-MINTS, Accomplish-MINTS, and Excite-MINTS!”

Step One:  Find a comfortable place to relax with your family.

Step Two: Distribute to each person as many mints as there are people in the room. For example, if there are five people in the room, each person gets five mints. If you don’t have mints, that’s okay! You can use other candy, tokens, or nothing at all. The point of this activity is the senti-“mint.”

Step Three: Take turns as each person gives an encouragement, accomplishment, or excitement.  After you do, give the person a candy mint as a representation of your Encourage-MINT, Accomplish-MINT, or Excite-MINT.



Encourage a loved one to do something for themselves. Afterwards, give them a mint.

“Because you deserve a break, I encourage you to take a bubble bath sometime this weekend! Here is your mint!”


Shout out of an accomplishment of a loved one. Afterwards, give them a mint.

“Thanks for cooking dinner for the family, it was so delicious! Here is your mint!”

“You did great on that school assignment. Here is your mint!”


Share in someone else’s excitement you know they have experienced or will experience. Afterwards, give them a mint.

“I am so excited that you love playing basketball. Here is your mint!”

“I am so excited for our trip in December! Here is your mint!”

This program can also be done virtually, so be sure to  send virtual MINTS with Girl Scout sisters or other loved ones!



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