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Girl Scouting at home: “Drawing” badge for Girl Scout Juniors

This resource was created by Jenni Grossman, a troop leader in the Western Colorado region.

Vocabulary you might need to knowMedium: 

your favorite dearing tool (pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels)Still Life:

An object that doesn’t move like a bowl, fruit, or a vaseShading:

A major part of drawing and it means showing the dark areas of a drawing.  It adds depth to help the picture look more real. Value in art:

is how light or dark something is on a scale of white to black Hatching:

Using a bunch of little or big lines to make a valueCross Hatching:

Making a grid with the hatching linesStippling:

Using dots to shade by repeating them over and overSmudging:

When something touches the graphic (lead in the pencil) and smears itPerspective:

Some objects in the picture look farther away than othersGraphic Artist:

An artist whose job is to communicate messages or ideas in visual form, like a logo for a company.  They often use a computer.  Portfolio:

All the work an artist has completed that can easily be shown to others

Step 1: Experiment with different materials

Supplies: depends on what you choose from the three options below.

Choose a still life you want to draw.  We are going to draw it three times so choose one way below: 

#1 draw it with black pen, black colored pencil, and a regular pencil 


#2 draw it with colored pens, colored pencils, and crayons


#3 choose your own 3 mediums and draw the still life with each

Step 2: Learn how to add shading

Supplies: pencil, paper

Watch this video and then do your own value scale (she will tell you what it is in the video) and practice the kinds of shading she explains

Step 3: Get some perspective

Supplies: pencil, ruler (or something that can help you draw straight), colored pencils, black marker

Watch this video and do your own perspective landscape drawing

Step 4: Use your imagination like a graphic artist

Supplies: paper and whatever mediums you choose

Watch this video to learn more about graphic artists:

Then, draw a new cover for a book.  What do the words make you think about? How do they make you feel?  What does this book mean to you? How could you show that in your drawing? Have fun being a graphic artist.

Step 5: Make your masterpiece–and show it off!

Supplies: It’s totally up to you!

It’s time to show off your things you learned!  Create a new masterpiece with some techniques you learned like shading, mediums, and perspective and be ready to show it to your sister scouts (and maybe we can invite parents to see it too) at an upcoming meeting either in person or virtually.  

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.



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