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Girl Scout Troop 63468 creates bully-proofing video

Submitted by Kimberly Robertson Aurora

Girl Scout Troop 63468 (Aurora) completed their aMuse Junior Journey by creating a bully-proofing video called “Stand Up To Bullies.” The 5th graders learned how a film is created by working hands-on to complete this journey.

The juniors not only wrote the script, but memorized their individual lines, blocked their actions, worked in front of and behind the camera, and even ad-libbed some of the lines, to create more action. The video editing was completed by their Troop Leader: Kim Robertson. The girls also learned how to get into character with their individual parts.

An addition to the video, at the end, was an impromptu music video featuring Sara Bareilles’ song, “Brave,” sung and beat boxed by the 5th graders.

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