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Girl Scout Troop 40969 Juniors shoot to Bronze

Submitted by Rebecca Schmidt

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

Girl Scout Troop 40969 Juniors worked extremely hard this year. The entire group decided to focus on two problems in the community.

The first is that they are seeing our communities getting taken over by trash and litter. They are concerned about animals and environment and decided to do something about it. They have created a program where they are asking everyone to go out one day a month and fill a garbage bag full of trash. Not just at your house, but in your neighborhood or community. To kick this off the girls have selected a day every month to cleanup a different area that has been recommended but a member of the troop. This was an incredible experience because as they were cleaning up the Lorson Ranch Community, they came upon a TV someone had thrown along the road and it took almost the entire group to clean it up a scout said.

The second problem they took on was finding a way to help the senior citizens of our communities. They partnered with the Sunny Vista Senior Center and have started an Adopt-A-Grandparent Program. The Scouts have done amazing so far. They have scheduled a monthly visit with some wonderful ladies and gentlemen. The Scouts cooked cookies, sang and played Bingo and this is only the beginning.

These programs have been pushed to the other groups in the troop and we are continuing to work with Community Partners, other troops and organizations to get the work out and get more involved.

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