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Girl Scout Saves Mother’s Life: Katie Hurley Receives Medal of Honor from Girl Scouts of the U


Girl Scouts of the USA has awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor to Katie Hurley, an 11-year-old Girl Scout from Northglenn, for saving her mother’s life. In August, Katie woke up early in the morning to find her mother, who is diabetic, suffering from an insulin reaction. Kristin Hurley’s glucose levels were extremely low. Without hesitation, Katie called 911. While she waited for the paramedics to arrive, she grabbed some juice to give her mother and cared for her 5-year-old brother.

In a letter to Girl Scouts of the USA, Lt. Cullen Lyle of North Metro Fire Rescue District wrote, “Katie showed extraordinary maturity and bravery by recognizing that her mother was in need of immediate attention by the fire department. She called 911 and made sure that she was understood in the midst of an extremely stressful situation. Katie displayed a calm demeanor that was beyond her years in actual age. It is a true pleasure to know that our citizens have the strength and courage to raise children that can act so decisively in the face of what must have been a terrifying event.”

Girl Scouts of the USA awards the Medal of Honor for “saving life or attempting to save life without risk to the candidate’s own life.” Katie is one of only 28 Girl Scouts nationwide who received this honor in 2015 and only the second in Colorado in recent history.



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