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Girl Scout Indoor Climbing Patch: Girls Breaking Beta

Hi my name is Terra Brubaker. I am a Cadette Girl Scout in troop #77915. For my Silver Award I created an indoor climbing patch program and requirements that can be completed at the Longmont Climbing Collective.

The name of the patch is “Breaking Beta”. In climbing jargon that means that you get the information you need to be successful in a climbing route. I am hoping girls get the information they need to feel successful and empowered to climb. I coordinated with one of the LCC owners to ensure trained climbing instructors from the LCC will help the girls complete the patch requirements.

I chose to create this patch because I was spending a lot of time at the climbing gym and not seeing many young girls there. I took many classes and learned how to feel confident climbing using the right techniques. I felt that if I created a program for girl scouts that introduced girls to climbing in a safe and fun way they might feel more successful at this sport.

The purpose for this patch is to get girls engaged with the sport of indoor climbing. Indoor climbing, successfully, can help girls excel in other activities that require balance, upper body strength and lower body strength. It helps girls get physically and mentally stronger as they move from one place to another on the wall.

The cost would be $25.00 per girl. With a minimum size group of 8-10 girls. Above ten girls the cost will be $50.00 because they need to add a second coach. The session will be 90 minutes. The girls will receive a patch at the end of the climbing session. I hope to attend a few of the girl scout sessions, if I am able, to help assist the LCC coaching staff. Contact the information of the flyer to set up the time and date your troop would like to attend at your convenience.



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