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Girl Scout educates public on animal overpopulation

Submitted by Sage Stenhaug

Colorado Springs

I have been a Humane Society volunteer for over a year. As I saw all of the homeless animals coming through the shelter, it was obvious that many of them would not be adopted. There are over 23,000 animals through the shelter doors each year. Fewer than half will find forever homes. My project involved educating the public on our responsibility to spay and neuter pets to prevent accidental litters. I also collected and sold aluminum to purchase spay and neuter certificates that would be donated to low income pet owners that would not be able to spay or neuter if they did not have financial assistance. By spaying or neutering just 2 cats or dogs, we can keep thousands of other animals out of the shelter. Two cats and their offspring can reproduce as many as 420,000 cats in just 7 years, and dogs would result in 67,000 in just 6 years. Fewer unwanted animals is better for the public responsibility of taxation to fund the Humane Society, stray animal suffering, and potential euthanization. I will continue to sell cans to fund spay and neutering certificates. It has been a huge learning experience. Thanks to all that assisted me in this endeavor!

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