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Girl Scout Cookies: A poem

Submitted by Claire and Stella

Metro Denver


Eight Girl Scout Cookies can be found this season – Discover them all, here are a few great reasons. Thin Mints are certainly our most popular every year, They are vegan, crisp,  and chocolatey to make you cheer! Are you a gigantic peanut butter fan? Then, the crunchy Do-Si-Dos is definitely your brand. If rich caramel and coconut flavors fill you with delight, The striped Samoas will satisfy you with each chewy bite. Perhaps, you prefer something that is classic and simple instead? Trefoils are the cookies that taste like traditional shortbread. How about a peanut butter layer with rich chocolate too? Then, the popular Tagalong is the one for you. If sipping afternoon tea describes your style Pair it with a lemony Savannah Smile. Are you outdoorsy and a marshmallow-roasting lover? Then, the new S’mores cookie is one you must discover! If gluten is really not your thing, These Toffee-tastics will make you sing. Most of these cost $4 a box; $20 gets you FIVE – and that really rocks! If you don’t want cookies or are watching your weight- Donate to our Hometown Heroes to participate. Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for a hundred years plus- Thank you for supporting our program and adventurous girls like us!

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