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Giant Penguin Contest Winner – 2021 Fall Product Program

THANK YOU to all the Girl Scouts who entered the drawing for the giant penguin drawing as part of the 2021 Fall Product Program!

CONGRATULATIONS to Girl Scout Daisy, Brooklyn T.; she won the GIANT PENGUIN!

Girl Scouts of Colorado selected a winner by entering all the qualifying Girl Scouts into a random selection drawing.

As part of the qualifications for the giant penguin drawing, the GSCO Product Program team asked Girl Scouts who entered the drawing to do some online research and tell us something interesting that they found out about emperor penguins, and/or how people and organizations are working to protect and preserve this “near threatened” species.

Here’s what some of the Girl Scouts who entered the drawing had to say:A few ways we can help the penguin population as well as other sea life is to only eat fish and seafood from hatcheries, get reusable items so we can use less plastic, and reduce our carbon footprint so we don’t pollute and harm our planet and wildlife further.I like that you can adopt a penguin and it’s baby as a way to help them.Organizations are  trying to create  marine reserves to protect emperor penguin food sources and foraging grounds.I learned that fisheries can get certified as sustainable and customers in stores can buy things that say they are from sustainable companies.I learned that people/organizations are encouraging better fishing practices that protect the Emperor penguins habitat.I like that you can adopt a penguin and its baby as a way to help them.I like that people are talking about using different ways to fish so penguins aren’t harmed. Trying new things is always fun! Especially if we learn new ways to harm less!I thought it was interesting that they were hand raising the abandoned chicks. That would be a fun job and you get to hold baby Penguin chicks!That scientists have found a way to spy on penguins to see how they are doing with warming temperatures.I think it is interesting that people are creating artificial nesting boxes for penguins, but this makes sense since we create bird houses for other birds.They are very social animals that work together.The Denver Zoo has a new habitat for penguins that’s much bigger than the last one!Males take care of the egg and little baby penguin. Their blubber helps to repel water keeping penguins warm.

All of the Girl Scouts who completed an entry form did a great job sharing the information that they learned about the emperor penguin and the people and organizations that are working to help the species!

Having the emperor penguin as the 2021 Fall Product Program mascot helped to bring awareness to conservation efforts, and to inspire Girl Scouts to learn about their world and make a difference by helping animals, as scientists, explorers, and advocates.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.



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