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Friendship in the Army

Submitted by Sadie Fawcett

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Making friends in the Army is hard, but I am lucky that I have friends all over the world that I get to see on occasion. One experience I had with friendship was in the sixth grade. I became friends with three girls. These friends helped me through some tough times, and they never left me behind. Friendship is for family and support. This was an amazing experience for me because we hung out all the time and did homework together. We played weird games and joked around at lunch. The overall experience was amazing. Sometimes one of my friends said she felt left out because we lived on base and she lived off. We started to call her on sleepovers and talked a lot more. If I had the chance to repeat this time, I would find a way to get her to be able to come for sleepovers. It is important to be kind to make people feel wanted. So be kind and make friends, it helps you through dark times. All in all friendship is important so you can live a fun and happy long life, with those you care for.

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