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Free Being Me builds strong, confident girls with April 23rd training


Submitted by Demi Harvey


Denver Metro

As a woman, why is it so hard to believe you’re beautiful? In interviews conducted by Dove, women were asked what they think is their worst physical feature. Their responses were rapid and almost passive as they poked at their bellies, frowned at their backsides, and pulled at their hair. However, when questioned on what they thought was their best feature–the women took a lot longer to respond. Some blankly stared off while others, bewildered, eventually managed to come up with one or two features. This is our norm. I challenge you: go stand in front of your mirror and pick out more than five physical features that make you beautiful…

It’s hard, isn’t it?

It starts when we’re young—whether it’s from body shaming by peers and family or from your childhood Barbies or that beautiful celebrity in a movie you saw or even the dreaded changing rooms in school. All it takes is one remark, one side comment, to tear down a girl’s confidence and negatively affect her for years to come.

This is where Free Being Me comes in. It’s a program created by Dove and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) that encourages body positivity and aids in the development of self-confidence in a safe space for girls all across the world.

Girl Scouts of Colorado will have an opportunity to partake in the first class of the year Saturday, April 23rd from 9am-12pm during the Travel Training Event. During the session we will discuss tough topics pertaining to beauty standards set both in our society and around the world, work in groups and individually to complete activities, and girls will be given the resources to teach Free Being Me to younger girls in their community.

Not only is Free Being Me an opportunity for girls to reach their fullest potential through body positivity and inner strength, it can also become a money earning opportunity. We will coach the older girls to create their own curriculum and teach the class to the ones who look up to them, who relate to them the most, and can instruct the class in their own creative way.



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