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Foster Care in the Foothills Gold Award Project by Audrey VanWestrienen

Through her research, Audrey found that the Colorado foothills are experiencing a huge shortage of foster parents. To increase awareness about foster programs and inspire new families to explore supporting the foster program in their community, she planned and implemented a series of events. Evergreen Lutheran Church will continue to take on this cause and host events in May, Foster Care Awareness Month, each year.

My Gold Award was Foster Care in the Foothills. It was an educational series in my community designed to increase awareness about foster care, increase support for current foster families, and inspire people to get involved. My family began fostering when I was about 10, so I have experienced firsthand the needs of the foster care program and the impact it has on the lives of kids and teens all over the world. Since joining Girl Scouts in 4th grade, I have loved the many opportunities that Girl Scouts has given me, but completing my Gold Award is my favorite experience that I've had through Girl Scouts. Through my Gold Award, I increased my communication skills, improved at collaboration and organization, and became a stronger and more confident leader. The Gold Award was an amazing opportunity to grow and learn while giving back to my community.



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