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Finding her place in Colorado

Submitted by Jaime F.

Metro Denver


My daughter Claire is a military brat and second year Brownie that recently moved to Colorado from Washington state. I’m sharing this with you because she has had such a hard time since we had to leave her troop back in Washington this past summer. We weren’t sure if we would be able to find “the one” troop for her here. That recently changed. Ruby (our GSCO placement specialist) found her a new home with Troop 67285 out of Aurora. Her new troop leaders, Shelly and Amy, invited us to come meet them and pick up cookies. They embraced and included my daughter like she has been theirs all along. The girls that were there for cookie pick-up were kind and inclusive and played with her like they were long lost sisters. They are the perfect example of what being a Girl Scout is. We are so excited to continue her journey with Girl Scouts in Colorado now. Her smile says it all.

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