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Elena’s Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams

Submitted by Heather Quinn


I want you all to meet Elena! Elena is the toughest girl I know and I’m a better person for having her and her mom in my life. Elena battled cancer for FOUR years. She beat leukemia and will be 2 years cancer free on February 10!

This year, Elena wants to give back to the kids who are still fighting. She heard about this event called Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams, and with the support of Girl Scouts of Colorado and the amazing staff at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, we officially have the green light!

With Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams, we will gather as large of a group as possible outside of the windows of the cancer ward of the Children’s Hospital and shine flashlights in their windows and they can shine them back at us. All Girl Scouts, friends, and family are welcome to join.

If you would like to donate a flashlight or glow stick for patients to use, you can leave them at Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Denver Corporate Office during business hours between Feb. 1 and Feb. 8. All donations will be sanitized and donated to Children’s Hospital patients.

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