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Daisy Supply Box

There’s nothing more fulfilling than discovering new worlds and trying new activities with Daisy Girl Scouts. And now, it’s easier than ever.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to participate in a national pilot program, providing new Daisy Girl Scout troop leaders with an amazing resource. Starting in Fall 2023, new Daisy troop (grades K,1) leaders in your council will receive a free monthly supply box filled with step-by-step instructions, ready-to-go supplies, and thoughtful script suggestions.

This game-changer resource will follow the Daisy First Year Troop Plan and be delivered at no cost to you. These Daisy supply boxes will reduce planning time and provide ease with program delivery.

The Details:

  • 8 boxes with 9 months of content.

  • The first supply box arrives at the end of September/early October.

  • New Daisy troops that launch between July 1, 2023, and January 31, 2024 are eligible to participate.

  • The supplies in the box will match the number of Girl Scouts on the roster each month.

  • New Daisy troops need to meet the minimum requirement of 2+ Troop Leaders and 5+ Girl Scouts to qualify to receive the supply box.

  • Only new Daisy troops are eligible to participate, multi-level troops do not qualify for this program.

  • Each box contains materials for two meetings a month, with the intention of serving troops that meet twice a month.

  • Supplies provided are planned to be reused in future Daisy box activities.

  • Badges and petals earned through the meetings are not included in the boxes.

Checkout the Daisy Supply Box landing page:

Visit the FAQs to learn how to qualify for this awesome program:


Q: I want to participate and start a new Daisy troop, where do I get started?

A: Yay! You are one step closer to this awesome adventure. Complete this “Create a Troop” request form to be connected to a local Recruitment Specialist who can help with next steps. A staff member will complete your membership and background check, create a brand-new troop number for you, and connect you to volunteer training. Your troop number will then be included to receive the supply boxes once you have a leadership team and 5+ Girl Scouts on your roster. You can visit our blog New to Girl Scouts? to learn more.

Q: What is the purpose of this Daisy Supply Box pilot program?

A: The intention of this pilot is to respond to common feedback about the new volunteer experience, such as streamlining planning and materials for meetings and support with family engagement to share the load and facilitation of troop tasks. Basically to make becoming a troop leader easier and more accessible!

Q: My Daisy troop is participating in this pilot program; how do we get more Girl Scouts registered to our roster?

A: Your local Recruitment Specialist can help! We can provide custom fliers for you to distribute to friends and at your school. Additionally, we have a list of interested families in your area that we can introduce to your troop who are excited to get started on their Girl Scout journey.

Q: Where will my troop’s monthly box be delivered?

A: After troop volunteers complete their training and are actively recruiting new Girl Scouts to their troop, council will request the home address from one of the troop leaders to add to our internal report so that supply boxes arrive at the correct location.

Q: I have a troop of Daisy Girl Scouts, but this is our second year. Is the supply box for my troop?

A: The Daisy Supply Box closely follows the Daisy First Year Troop Plan. If your troop has already completed the first-year plan and Daisy petals, this supply box will be redundant. We can connect you to a local Volunteer Support Specialistif you would like support on what to focus on during your second year of Daisies.

Q: What support will I receive from Girl Scouts of Colorado during this pilot program?

A: All new volunteers receive self-paced training from local Volunteer Support Specialists as they get their troop up-and-running and throughout the year. During new leader orientation you will receive resources to plan out your year, required forms, and a tour through Volunteer Essentials. You will receive email communications prior to receiving your first box and throughout the program. Girl Scouts of Colorado will also provide training opportunities on how to utilize prep to use your supply box.

Q: What if my troop roster changes during the program?

A: Each month, prior to mailing, troop rosters are checked to confirm the number of active members so that the box for that month will have the correct number of supplies. If a troop gains or loses members each month, the supplies in the box will accommodate the new number of members.

Q: I am a new Daisy troop volunteer, are we required to participate in this program?

A: No, participation in this pilot is not required for new Daisy troops. If you do not want to receive the free supply boxes just notify your Girl Scout staff contact.

Q: Will I know what is in each box before it arrives?

A: Yes, troop leaders will receive an email prior to the box mailing that will provide information about what to expect in your next box plus additional resources. This email will go out monthly in anticipation of your upcoming supply box. Each box will have a customized postcard inside that will also indicate which supplies from previous boxes to bring to your upcoming meetings.

Q: Will my troop receive all 8 boxes in the program?

A: This pilot provides 8 boxes with 9 months of content to troops that start on or before September 1. Troops that start after that date will receive the Welcome Kit and then the next box in the series depending on the month they launch their troop. Previous month’s boxes will not be sent to troops.

Q: Will the materials in the box be bilingual?

A: This initial test pilot will not have bilingual materials. We hope to develop bilingual materials for this program in the future.



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