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Summer Ella’s favorite principle of Leave No Trace is “Leave What You Find.” As the only Daisy in Multi-Level Troop 65659, Summer Ella wanted to complete her Outdoor Journey. She had already completed her Buddy Camper and Outdoor Art badges.

One thing she loves that lives outdoors is donkeys. She wanted to learn what she could do to help protect them. Summer Ella met virtually with Victoria Schroeder, Executive Director of Longhopes Donkey Shelter, and asked questions about what donkeys need. Then she got out her markers and drew donkeys to illustrate the information the rescue gave her. Next, she narrated the donkey care tips for a video that presented her artwork, posted online at

Summer Ella hosted a virtual meeting with the girls and volunteers of her Multi-Level troop to showcase her work. She wrote an acrostic poem about donkeys and shared it with troop members to celebrate.

She glued the artwork to a poster and used her cookie money to purchase a frame. She took the framed poster to the Longhopes Donkey Shelter and delivered it to Victoria, who showed Summer Ella the classroom where children and adults learn about donkey care. The poster was a great addition to the rest of their materials, especially the visual component of teaching.

Victoria said the poster would be a big help to teach people what donkeys need. “What this project means to me is donkeys are cute,” said Summer Ella. She is very proud of her achievement and happy to know that donkeys are getting the care they need at Longhopes.



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