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Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame: Google Arts and Culture Exhibits

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame highlights extraordinary women with ties to Colorado and their accomplishments to advance the roles of today’s women to levels of heightened recognition and as models of inspiration. Since 1985, the Hall has inducted 162 visionary and trailblazing women from the past and present who have impacted the state of Colorado in an exceptional way. Inductees include teachers, doctors, scientists, politicians, social activists, bankers, newspaper publishers, philanthropists, aviation pioneers, humanitarians, and authors.

So many women in the Hall are unsung heroes, “hidden figures” who have endured with superlative strength, beauty, and love. They deserve our respect and acknowledgment as shining examples of the potential of all women. Their accomplishments are a strong legacy, as tall as the Rocky Mountains they stand beside and as broad as the plains they look out upon, and have shaped history and transformed lives.

Three exhibits are now available on Google Arts and Culture!

  1. Colorado Leaders in STEM and Aviation

  2. Colorado Women Innovators in Healthcare

  3. Saluting 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

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