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ChickTech is now accepting nominations

Do you know a 9th -12th grade Girl Scout who is interested in technology? Would she be excited to learn about robotics, 3-D printing, mobile app development, and more? Nominate her for ChickTech!

What is ChickTech?

ChickTech revolves around creating events that will get high schoolers interested and excited about technology. These events pose some interesting challenges, as we expect that most of our participants have never had a chance to do anything like what we are offering. Our goal is to reach the girls who would make great engineers, but because of stereotypes and a lack of opportunity, may not realize it until they are already doing something else, if at all. We also strive to show the relevance of each workshop to their lives–and help them to understand that they have the ability use tech to transform their world!

Why Nominate?

  1. It’s free

  2. Includes: food at events, transportation and childcare, if needed.


  1. Kick-off event to be held late fall, 2018 with a choice of seven hands-on workshops!

  2. Includes a take home technology item

  3. Confirmed workshops include: web development, robotics, build a computer, soft circuits, and game development

  4. Five additional tech workshops (one per month)

  5. End of school year celebration and BBQ


  1. Exposure to tech through hands-on activities

  2.  The ability to meet and make friends from other schools

Participants are girls who:

  1. (40%+) are eligible for free or reduced lunch

  2. Have an above-average aptitude for math or science, along with creativity and willingness to learn new things

  3. Would probably not consider a tech career without extra encouragement

  4.  (70%+) have not created technology before (who are not already on a robotics team, etc.)

Please nominate up to 15 girls from your school or program who fall under these qualifications.

Please feel free to review our FAQ ( or email me at if you have any questions.

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