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Cash donation makes Daisies’ day at booth

Submitted by Emily Kleinsasser


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

We were running a booth at King Soopers and one of the employees stopped by when we were setting up and asked how much our troop gets for the cookies and what our girls wanted to do with the money. We explained we get a portion of the money and our Daisy Girl Scouts wanted to go learn to cook in a kitchen and give back to the community. He said he would be back later to buy some cookies. He would check on us periodically to see how our sales were going. He was genuinely interested in our girls selling a lot of cookies. Towards the end he asked how much longer we would be there and we said about 15 minutes. He said he would be right back. He was a man of his word and said he really didn’t want to buy any cookies but he wanted to make a donation to make sure the girls got to learn how to cook and had fun. He gave us a $60 donation. It made every one of us stop in disbelief. What an amazing act of kindness that all our girls got to witness and we got to be a part of. We have later found out more information on him and plan on sending him a thank you note to let him know our girls met their goal.

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