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Camp Iceland in 2017!

Submitted by Rebecca Lankford


Denver Metro

Are you looking to take your girls on a high adventure? How about Iceland? There is a wonderful looking camp at the Ulkljotsvatn Scout Center that has packages just for Girl Scouts.

I am helping to gather information on this trip in order to gauge interest. I would like to have some numbers for interest by the beginning of November.

Number of travelers: 25 (includes adults)

Dates: Tentatively June 11-18, 2017

Cost: Airfare from Denver looks to be about $800-900, and the camp itself is $1525 (current price, 2017 prices not yet available) so anticipate a pricing about $2,500 – $2,700 each. I may also ask about having girls do the BSA-style camp, which is longer and cheaper, but you sleep in a rented tent.

Check out the website:

Once we know who is interested we can proceed with working together to go on this awesome adventure.

Please contact me at camplikeagirlscout if you are interested.

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