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Camp Cancellation: H2O & Horseback Day Camp

We regret to share that the Summer 2017 H2O & Horseback Day Camp is cancelled.

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the contract with the horse stables to run camp this summer.  We have noticed a trend of local horseback stables expanding their summer programming to offer their own summer camps- making it difficult for the stables to contract with outside organizations like GSCO to camps. We are as disappointed as we know the girls hoping to attend camp will be! We can assure GSCO girls and parents that we will be working tirelessly to find a way to incorporate horseback programming into our day camps for summer 2018.

If you are interested in attending one of the day camps offered by the Metro Denver Stables, please see the information below. (Disclaimer:  These programs are not associated with GSCO)

Please direct any questions to Anna Danila, Outdoor & Travel Program Manager,

12 Mile Stables at Cherry Creek Day Camp

Chatfield Stables Day Camp

Bear Creek Lake Park Stables Day Camp (information for 2017 not posted yet)



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