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Brighton troop visits Rocky Mountain National Park


Submitted by Sadie Fowers


After seeing details about the National Park Scout Badges, we arranged for our troop to spend a day with some Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers. We were excited to get out in the clear blue sky, clean air, and back to basics

Ranger Christie and Ranger Paige took us on an adventure. We started by talking about safety points, reviewing what was needed when out on our own, and then headed to the “wild” to study animals. We searched for what animals were not in hibernation by finding their tracks, scat, and habitats. We had lunch by the beautiful frozen lake taking in the peaceful picnic spot. We searched the area for what kind of conditions the animals survived during the winter and then we even made our own habitats for our “animals” to survive.

Each girl said that they had a great time. Our Girl Scouts behaved well and learned a lot. We cannot wait to go again. I love when learning and playing goes hand in hand.

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