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Booth Sales at JOANN Fabric & Crafts

Girl Scouts of Colorado has heard from many of our members regarding a recent email (see above) from JOANN Fabric & Crafts, one of GSUSA’s many partners. Many of you were confused and concerned by JOANN’s statement regarding Booth Sales at local stores during the upcoming Girl Scout Cookie Program. Members of GSCO’s Product Program team have spoken with representatives of both JOANN and GSUSA to try to clear up any confusion and correct any bad information, which you may have received.

GSUSA tells GSCO that JOANN sent emails to GSCO members without clearance from GSUSA and the information in the email was incorrect. After speaking with JOANN representatives in Colorado, GSCO has decided to run booth selections for all JOANN stores as council sites. We have received a list from JOANN of locations that are participating and we will enter those in to eBudde as council sites. As with our other corporate partners (King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart, etc.), leaders, troops, and parents should not contact JOANN locations directly to arrange booths. Each location has also been instructed to not accept booth reservations from leaders, troops, or parents, but instead to look for a list from GSCO once the selection rounds wrap up at the end of January.

Questions? Contact your SUCM or a member of GSCO’s Product Program team by emailing



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