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Book Craft: “Elmer and The Rainbow”

This easy craft is perfect for younger Girl Scouts (or younger siblings) and is a great follow-up to “Elmer and The Rainbow” by David McKee.

Materials Needed:

  1. Glue

  2. Scissors

  3. White paper or colored construction paper- If construction paper is not available, shapes can be drawn on white paper and colored.

  4. Markers

You will need:

Elephant body and ear. Save scrap paper to cut out rainbow shape.

Draw a grid on the elephant’s body for the patchwork design. Color each square with a different color. Draw an eye in any square close to elephant’s head.

Cut out an elephant body and ear. Glue together. Using white paper scrap, draw and cut out a colorless rainbow.

Once dried, draw background features. Surround Elmer with bright colorful trees, flowers, and grass!

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