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Best Cookie Video contest: Hailey’s cookie video

Submitted by Tricia P.

Denver Metro


Hailey is in her second year of selling Girl Scout Cookies and has big goals. She is trying to sell 1,000 packages of cookies to go to horse camp this year. Last year, she was a big help in getting her first year troop to cookie camp and they all had so much fun. This year, they would like to plan a camping trip for their troop and a sister troop. She loves taking the lead in her business and being a great Girl Scout.

She is a go-getter because she does not let the weather stop her, and she works every booth she can to ensure her troop reaches their goals.

She is an innovator because she encourages her troop to dance and sing cookie songs at booths. She finds people would rather buy from Girl Scouts who are really enjoying selling cookies.

She is a risk-taker because she always puts her self out there and supports her troop by helping teach the younger and new girls some of her tips and tricks.

She is a leader because she is always ready to help get her troop going and coming up with new ideas.

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form and is part of the 2018 contest for Best Cookie Video.



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