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Best Cookie Dad contest: Why my dad is the best cookie dad

Submitted by Shyann S.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

This man has been at various cookie booths with a girl I know. This man, after waking up at 4 in the morning and coming home at 6 on the evening from work, contributes his time to work with Girl Scouts. This man is kind and considerate to others who have complaints and concerns about cookies. He has worked two, four, and eight-hour booths with me even when he is tired or hungry, yet again and again he comes back to help. He fights against the cold weather and horrible conditions of which we work through. The sales don’t benefit him in any shape or form, but there he is, happily helping his daughter. Why, people may ask. And must I respond by saying that this same man has gone to the point of not only supporting one daughter, but all three of his daughters. I’m proud to say I’m one of them. I’m proud to be able to say to other troops and kids that my dad cares. That he contributes and puts in all this effort, and for what? Just to get a reward? No. It’s just to see his daughters become experienced and filled with joy. My dad is amazing. He is a cookie dad! Better yet he is MY cookie dad and I’m thrilled to be able to say that.

Because of my dad, I have been able to learn social skills I didn’t have before. It’s because of him that I’m going to be able to reach my goal. He has taken a part of who I was in the past and molded it into who I am now. I just want to say thank you Dad. Even though you may never see this… I still thank you for being a real G.I.R.L.. And to me that means you are a great, inspirational, and responsible leader.

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form and is part of the 2018 contest for Best Cookie Dad.  Is your Cookie Dad the best? Tell us about him and he’ll win a cool prize!



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