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BeHerd: Equine-assisted activities program

Submitted by Catherine Berra

Metro Denver


Hello! What began as a new adventure in my own life, one of adopting and riding a rescue horse, has transformed into a program to assist others in finding their path to self-confidence. Horses are magical and magnificent creatures and offer a wonderful partnership in our journey as humans. One of the truly important parts of any successful endeavor is to assess our own herds, the people we choose to be in our life. The BeHerd program partners with horses and offers a forum for conversation regarding our own choices in our lives. Partnering with a horse on the ground, we discuss the herd mentality, vision and respect. Participants are able to verbalize their thoughts while grooming the horse and discussing their current and future “herds.”

This program will help Girl Scouts earn requirements toward their Junior Horseback Riding badge!

Contact 720-421-5033

Amazing girls do amazing things! I believe our self-confidence stems from our choices. Horses listen and reveal to us like mirrors and I’m excited to share these lessons!

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