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Bats & Benefits, Gold Award Project by Gillian Clark

For her Gold Award project, Gillian Clark from Steamboat Springs partnered with a local environmental education organization, Yampatika, to address the issue of decreasing bat populations by designing, building, and installing bat habitats. The habitats ensure that the bat population in her community will continue to grow and thrive.

Gillian built and donated 23 bat box kits to kids in her community so they could take home information they learned about the bats and build a home to help the bat population locally. “I chose this as my project because I personally don’t see many bats around Steamboat Springs anymore. My favorite part was putting together all of the bat boxes and educating kids on why bats are so important and how they can help,” says Gillian.

Gillian’s Gold Award project taught her how to be confident with public speaking and how to work with people and have a strong work ethic. Yampatika has all of the resources that Gillian created so they can continue to educate future generations on the declining bat population.

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