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50/50 Starter Troop Incentive

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

50/50 Starter Troop Incentive

Troop and Service Unit Teams: Kickstart the new year by recruiting and mentoring a new Girl Scout troop in your area. Troops and/or service units who recruit and mentor a new troop, with new volunteer leadership, April 1-Dec. 2, 2022 will earn $50 for the troop or service unit and $50 for the new troop! Supporting the new troop for four to six sessions will ensure a great initial experience as new members start their Girl Scout adventure!

Requirements for existing troops/service units (mentors):

• Complete a starter troop intent form. • Publicize the new troop: Distribute fliers, tell people in your community, and get the word out! • Plan/support at least four troop meeting sessions, including a parent/caregiver meeting. • Complete final survey. • Have an approved Girl Scout bank account and current ACH on file.

Requirements for the new troop:

• Participate in four starter troop meeting sessions. • Register at least two unrelated adult troop leaders and five girls by Dec. 2, 2022. • Complete New Leader On-boarding and start volunteer training. • Complete final survey. • Open a troop bank account and submit a troop ACH.

More details on the FAQ page. Complete the intent form to get started.

This program ended December 1st, 2022. Look for new information for a Starter Troop program in the spring.

Final Survey

FAQ for 50/50 Starter Troop Incentive

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