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2024-25 Older Girl Advisory Board Program

Updated: Jun 26

The Older Girl Advisory Board (OGAB) is a council-lead leadership program for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors from across the state. Throughout the year, we have leadership development opportunities and overnight retreats for girls to connect in person. Girls get opportunities to make new friends, work on public speaking skills, and participate in project development within the council.


If you’re interested, email Grace at for more information about this program and how to apply.


OGAB 2023-24 Testimonials


“I have had so much fun participating in the Older Girl Advisory board for Colorado! I really enjoy being able to connect with other girls with similar interests and having the opportunity to learn important skills for my future. The retreats and meetings we have are always so much fun, and I draw a lot of value from the discussions and projects we engage in. Since joining, I’ve gotten a lot better at resolving conflict, working in a team, standing up for myself, and meeting my goals. I had so much fun at the Fall Retreat doing crafts and connecting with all my peers, and I’m super excited for the next one!


 My voice is truly valued and listened to in OGAB, which is really fulfilling and validating. I love being involved in an organization that I’ve been a part of for years at a higher level where I have the chance to facilitate change. It feels really empowering to be a part of that. It's so cool to see our plans really take shape and be proud of the work and time we put into it. I love how understanding everyone in the group is about things, and how willing we all are to help each other! It really does turn into a community really quickly, and it’s so nice to have that support system of people who are all working towards the same goal. Connecting to girls from all over the state has been so cool, and it really expands the place I live. 


For the program's future, I really hope that more girls will join. I think that so many members of the Girl Scout Organization would love to participate in this. With more members on OGAB, our impact would be even greater! I’d love for the program to encourage girls to stay in the Scouts through the Ambassador level. So far, I’ve really enjoyed how people come to us to brainstorm ideas and check in with us as representatives of the Scouts in Colorado, and I’d love to do that even more. We have some really great ideas to share! Something I would really like to do with the board is organize a “Colorado Girl Scout Day” to celebrate and unite the Scouts of Colorado.”


            -Thea Kuczynski


“As a growing Girl Scout I have had the great pleasure of being part of Colorado's Older Girl Advisory Board. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with other Girl Scouts all around Colorado. Given the opportunity to share our visions and ideas with one another and the Girl Scout staff we have had the wonderful opportunity to grow closer as sister scouts. Together we were actively contributing to the growth and development of Girl Scouts for older girls. This role has given me a feeling of empowerment, knowing that my voice matters and can make a difference.


Being a part of the Older Girl Advisory Board has supported me as a growing leader in my community in and out of Girl Scouts. My experience on the board has shown me the power of collaboration, the importance of uplifting one another, and encouraging others to reach their full potential.


Looking forward, my hopes and dreams for the Older Girl Advisory Board are set towards continued growth and inclusivity where every Girl Scout feels empowered and the Older Girl Advisory Board becomes a place where girls from all backgrounds can come together, share their unique perspectives, and work towards a common goal. The possibilities for the program are endless, and I'm excited to be a part of its journey forward.”


-Larissa Buerger



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