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2015 Fall Sale: Important Updates

The Fall Sale will be here before you know it! It starts October 3, 2015 and this year, Girl Scouts have a lot to be excited about, including new fun/interactive tools to help girls to reach their goals. Girls can choose to sell in-person or online only and girls can choose to participate online, even if their troop is not.


There has been a technical delay in the upload of our council’s data to the Fall Sale system. To insure that the start of our Fall Sale campaign runs smoothly, volunteers will not receive emails with log in/access info for the Fall Sale system until the week of September 28, 2015. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to an amazing season!

Girls and parents will receive an email with a link to the Fall Sale system on October 3, 2015 to set up their personalized storefronts, the same day in-person and online order taking begins. In-person order taking ends October 25, 2015. Girls will be able to sell online until November 13, 2015. Girls, who make any sales through that date, will earn rewards and proceeds.

Why should your girl/troop participate in the Fall Sale?

Girls can earn start-up money for their troop and rewards for themselves.

This year, participation in the Fall Sale is even easier for girls, parents/guardians, and volunteers! Troops and girls can participate by selling in-person and online. Or, if they choose, they can sell only online.

Most importantly, they start practicing the 5 Skills.

  1. Goal Setting –Girls learn to set and reach goals

  2. Decision Making –Girls learn to make their own choices

  3. People Skills –Girls learn how to communicate with others and work as a team

  4. Money Management –Girls learn to budget and handle money

  5. Business Ethics –Girls learn to be honest and fair

What’s new for the 2015 Fall Sale?

  1. This year’s Fall Sale includes a variety of magazines and nut and chocolate products including:

Mint Trefoils in a Limited Edition Girl Scout “Branch Out” tin!

Branch Out Tin

Peppermint Bark in a decorative snowman tin; a perfect gift for the holidays!

Snowman Tin

The Giant Nut Mix that comes in a special Bow Box, perfect for business/corporate gift giving!


Two new Snack Packs, perfect for lunches or snacks on the go!

Snack Pack 2

And, of course, chocolate choices, such as the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and Peanut Butter Monkeys!

Chocolate 2
  1. As part of their personal storefronts, girls can build their own avatars!

Product Sales Avatars

They can also participate in online learning activities and earn virtual rewards.

  1. Once your girl reaches $175 in online sales, she will get a personalized patch with her name and avatar on it.


As soon as the goal is reached an email is sent to the parents/guardians to order the patch. Once ordered, the patch will be mailed directly to your girl.

  1. Girls can also post pictures and videos to their online storefronts, send emails to prospective customers, and share their storefronts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

  2. Online customers can pay online and then choose to have their merchandise shipped or delivered in-person.

For any questions regarding participating in the Fall Sale, troop leaders should contact their Service Unit Fall Sale Manager.



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