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14 inches of snow, 30 Girl Scout sisters make for perfect winter camp

Submitted by Jill Marostica


Southwestern Colorado

As the time for Winter Camp at Lazy Acres approached, I worried that there might not be enough snow. I also worried that the furnace would go out, the patches wouldn’t arrive, there wouldn’t be enough food, and on and on. You see, as the volunteer director, I wanted everything to be perfect.

The first thing I did every morning was check the weather on my phone. Sun, sun, sun, with zero percent chance of precipitation. Then one morning things began to change. A slight chance, then a 20% chance , then a 50% chance. A week before camp it looked like I could stop worrying, and I did. Three days before camp, it snowed 14 new, wonderful inches!

The morning of the first day of camp, Lazy Acres looked like a Thomas Kinkade painting. I was excited, and as the first participants arrived, I could tell they were too.

After some housekeeping and a few get to know you activities, the fun in the snow began. Sledding, archery, snow shoeing, snowman and igloo building were just some of the activities we did. When we got cold we warmed up by the fire in the Lodge with a cup of hot chocolate, then back out in the snow we went.

The second day was more of the same, and all too soon it was time to say good bye. One by one the troops packed up and began their hike to their vehicles, but not before they had one more time down that sled run!

In my mind, Winter Camp had been perfect. Not because the furnace didn’t go out, or there were patches. Not because there was plenty of food. It was perfect because thirty girl scout sisters got together for a weekend and laughed, sang, played, got to know each other and made memories at that beautiful camp. Oh, and because there was snow, it was perfect because there was snow!

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