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Why I Love Fall Sale


Submitted by Katie H., Media Star


Metro Denver

The Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Sale Program is a great money-earning activity for Girl Scouts, because it’s also a warm-up for the Girl Scout cookie sale.  I do the Fall Sale because I really like to sell things.  Also, I’m a natural business woman so I find selling stuff extremely gratifying.  I also really love the challenge, because if it wasn’t challenging, it would be boring.  Another reason is that I like the super cool prizes.  My personal favorite animal representing the Fall Sale was the flamingo.  My mom says it’s also a warm-up for the cookie mom.

Business is my greatest talent, and the Fall Sale is a really fun business.  It raises money for Girl Scouts, and they use that money to do good things, like planning fun activities for troops to do.  I really like the items up for sale, too.  And it’s been a great chance for me to meet my neighbors.  I have made some amazing friends.

The fantastic Fall Sale has allowed me to break out of my shell and not be shy.  I also learned how to sell stuff without doing booth sales.  Thank-you notes have also helped me bring back customers from last year.  I personally think girls should do thank-you notes for sales more often.  I also learned how to talk to strangers, and I’m not so shy anymore.  The Fall Sale is great for all of these reasons and more.



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