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What Camp Means To Me

This essay was written by Anna “Sunshine” Danila, the Outdoor Volunteer Programs Manager with Girl Scouts of Colorado. She oversees statewide Travel programs, volunteer led day camps, troop camps, equipment checkout and more! If you or your troop has any questions about earning money by providing outdoor programs, she is the one to connect with! Email her with your questions!

Here is Anna’s story about camp:

I grew up as a “camp kid”. Every summer, I looked forward to my childhood camp in Minnesota where I could see the same counselors, friends and directors who made camp so special. Every summer I left behind the worries of school and home life to spend my days canoeing, rock climbing, singing songs, getting dirty and generally having a special place to just be a kid. I looked up to the same counselors I saw each summer, and many continue to be mentors in my life today. Camp gave me a safe place to develop the leadership and interpersonal skills that I most value in myself today. After working with Girl Scouts of Colorado for a year now, Girl Scout Camp means so many things to me. It is a safe place for kids to be themselves away from the pressures of school and home. Girl Scout Camp is a space for troops to connect with each other and other troops in an outdoor setting, where they build the foundations of a strong group that will take them through the year together. Camp is a space to be silly and sing crazy camp songs at the top of your lungs and eat s’mores. But, most importantly, I hope that camp gives a future generation of Girl Scouts the chance to become “camp kids” and find their own special place in the world at one of our camps. I’m now lucky enough to have turned my love of being a “camp kid” into a career with Girl Scouts, and I’m proud to be part of the Outdoor Programs team working to offer high quality and unique summer camp programs. I hope you will join us at one of our camps this summer where we continue an over 80 year tradition of building woman of confidence, courage and character at summer camp!

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