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Volunteer Spotlight: Dean Parrish

Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Dean Parrish of Colorado City in the Pueblo and Southeastern CO region is a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Dean to answer a few quick questions about his volunteer experience. We hope you find him as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

It started when we were at last year’s kick off meeting. Our service unit was looking for volunteers to help with the Brownies and my daughter turned to me and said, “You can do it, you did it for Gavin (my son) when he was in Cub Scouts.” Hard to turn down your kids when they say they need you. 

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

I helped with day camp and have been a troop leader and a cookie manger for the last few years.

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

That Girl Scouts are so much more than cookies. I  have been amazed at impact the program can have on the girls. 

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

That hard work pays off and to celebrate their differences.

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at

The nomination deadline for 2020 Volunteer Recognition Awards is April 30. GSCO invites members statewide to take this opportunity to recognize an outstanding volunteer by nominating them for a Volunteer Recognition Award. Nominators are responsible for ensuring enough endorsements are submitted to support their nomination of a volunteer for an award. Your volunteer support specialist can check nomination and endorsement submissions for you. Learn more.



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